Last Updated: March 1st 2001

02/27/2001 3:00 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - Today we have added a CountDown to the release of the Warlord Edition of Shogun: Total War. The countdown is also in the Mongol Invasion Section.
02/26/2001 12:00 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Its and Honour Day at The Mongol Cavalry has invaded and they look fierce. Check out the new Mongol Light Cavalry in our Mongol Invasion Section.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - The new community site on is to preview this Friday.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Unfortunatly the online stores like Amazon and others have moved their release date of Shogun Warlord Edition back to May.
02/23/2001 11:00 AM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Its and Honour Day at Today we hear that the community page will get a new look in the coming weeks so watch for that. Also they have added the final page to the new Shogun Tour for the Expansion Pack. There is a link to it in our Mongol Invasion Section.
02/21/2001 11:00 AM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - ZDNET has a first look of STW Warlord Edition. They have a hard release date which I want everyone to check out and confirm or deny if they can. There is a link to the article in our Mongol Invasion Section.
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - Its Question Time 3! Erado-San is running another Question Time for the community. These questions are submitted to the developers of STW and are answered for us. Submit your questions today, Erado-San's site is in our Community Section.
02/20/2001 11:00 AM EST
  • NEW POLL - There is a new poll up with all the new units.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Its an Honour day at Finally the news of a Cavalry unit has arrived, the Naginata Cavalry are rolling in, better run! Check out this new unit in our Mongol Invasion Section.
02/16/2001 11:00 AM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Its an Honour day at We have heard that there will be different kinds of battlefield objectives in the expansion and today we have some clarification as to what they will be. Here are 3 of the scenarios.
    • Last Man Standing: the last player surviving wins, as in Shogun.
    • King of the Hill: the winner has to capture and hold a strategic point on the battlefield.
    • Capture the Honjin: to win you have to capture the enemy battle tent.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - There has also been another page added to the new Shogun Tour. We have a link to if in our Mongol Invasion Section. Check it out!
02/14/2001 3:00 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - We just added a whole bunch of Clan links to the Community Section. If anyone knows of any clans that are not listed, let us know and we will post them.
  • SITE UPDATE - Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Today we have added Clan Shades to our Community Section. Its a great site and we recommend you visit.
02/13/2001 10:30 AM EST
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - Erado San's Tech Dojo has moved and has gotten a major update. We have updated the link in our Community Section.
02/12/2001 1:00 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Keeping good on their promise, has delivered us the next new unit we have to look forward to in the upcoming release, the Ashigaru Crossbowmen. We have added them to the Units page in our Mongol Invasion Section.
  • SITE UPDATE - We have added the Warlord Edition to our Shogun Store. It is available for pre-order from Amazon and is expected to be released March 21st! Preorder your copy now!
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - We have been informed by that every Honour Day from now on will give us new information regarding the Expansion Pack. Friday they added a new page to the new Tour. We have a Link to the new tour in our Mongol Invasion Section.
02/08/2001 10:30 AM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - has a firstlook interview with Michael de Plater. It gives more of what to expect from the upcoming Expansion Pack. We have added it to our Mongol Invasion Section.
02/07/2001 12:30 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - We have made a ton of changes to the site today. We added Screenshots to our Mongol Invasion Section.
  • SITE UPDATE - The Community Section has gotten a face-lift. We divided the links into Community Sites, Clan Sites, and Reference sites. We also added a some Clans and some very interesting Japanese Reference links.
  • SITE UPDATE - AOL Instant Messenger names have been added to the Contact Section.
  • SITE UPDATE - The sidebar has gotten some aesthetic updates to make it look a little better.
  • SITE UPDATE - Added an Interview with Michael de Plater, Executive Producer of Total War.
  • SITE UPDATE - Check out the scroll bars on various pages. Pretty cool eh?
02/06/2001 3:00 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - In case you haven't noticed, we moved the POLL to the right side over hear --->
  • SITE UPDATE - We've added our new section for the Mongol Invasion! We've got News, screenshots, movies, previews and Units all operational so have alook and let us know what you think in the forum. We appreciate any ideas.
02/05/2001 2:00 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - We have word today of the newest unit to be included in the upcoming Expansion, the Korean Guardsmen. They are said to be naginata like. Head on over to our forum to read the full description and discussion on the newest unit.
02/02/2001 12:00 PM EST
  • COMING SOON - We are currently developing a seperate section for the Mongol Invasion Expansion pack. The page will contain News, Units, Screenshots, Movies, Previews/Reviews and more...
  • SITE UPDATE - Actually this was done yesterday but I forgot to include it in the news. We have added a new forum specifically for the Mongol Invasion. So try it out.
02/01/2001 3:00 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - In case you've been in a closet for the past month or so you know about the upcoming add-on pack "Mongol Invasion". In light of this upcoming event we are going to start getting this site in shape to handle new visitors and new content for the add-on pack. We are all excited and want to keep this site the best Strategy site in the Community and that can only happen with YOUR support.
  • NEW POLL - We got a new Poll coming up. Our upcoming polls, just like most of our site, will be geared toward the "Mongol Invasion".
  • SITE UPDATE - Added an index to our Shogun Store to make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • SITE UPDATE - Also added these new headers to the news entries to better sort out the news.
01/31/2001 9:30 AM EST
  • NEW RELEASE - Recently the Community of Shogun: Total War has put together a collection of new maps for Online and Custom Battles. This set of maps can be downloaded from the Patches Section of our Shogun Store.
01/18/2001 2:30 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Well, we are all just waiting the new Add-On the Mongol Invasion. There are some good Debates and discussions going on in our forum despite the lack of activity in our news column. So stick around and drop a line.
12/20/2000 2:30 PM EST
  • NEW RELEASE - we have an official press release on the new expansion pack for Shogun Total War. Its going to feature the Mongol invasion as well as add new Units and new Dojo's to further this already wonderful game. Check it out at There is a link to it in our Community Section.
12/11/2000 2:15 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - There is a new poll question up. However, we believe that there is a problem with it. But the one who takes care of the poll on the site seems to be too busy so we have to wait for a solution. Sorry!
  • NEW CONTENT - In light of the staff of this site slacking off, another one of our community members has contributed a guide for the betterment of the Shogun Community. Its a topic we all know and love, River Battles. Its in our Strategies Section.
11/27/2000 11:00 AM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Hope everyone had a great Holiday. We are working on some new additions to the site. Don't think we've given up. Check out the Official site news for upcoming tournaments being held by other members of the Shogun Community. Battle On.
11/13/2000 3:15 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - Want to change those battle sounds? Check out the guide in the Strategy Section written by Barocca, a fan of our site.
  • NEW POLL - New Poll up. Back to STW.
  • NEW COMMUNITY SITE - We've added a link to the Clan Doragon Homepage. Its in the Community Section. Its a great site and we highly recommend checking it out.
11/10/2000 10:15 AM EST
  • WE'VE DONE IT. Today is an honour day like no other at Today the Site of the Week honor has been bestowed upon this site! We are grateful and would like to thank all our patrons for making this site the best. Also, thanks to for selecting our site as Site of the Week.
11/03/2000 12:15 PM EST
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - Its an Honour Day at Today we would Like to Congratulate Terazawa Tokugawa for being the Site of the Week. Terazawa Tokugawa's Site is one of the only other sites, besides our's, based upon STW strategy in the community.
11/01/2000 12:15 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - We have added a description of the Port Bug in the Strategies Section.
10/30/2000 4:00 PM EST
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - A bit of news that has totally slipped my attention. is back up and running. There is a link to it in our Community Section.
  • NEW CONTENT - A 2 for 1 day! Due to the numerous questions on the subject we have added an Overview on Combining Units to the Strategies Section. Hope this is helpful to all of you.
  • NEW CONTENT - Sorry for the lack of content updates lately. Today we added the Battlefield Factors Quick Reference to the Strategies Section. Its a Table of the factors that contribute to the outcome of the battle. We hope to add a few more this week.
10/26/2000 1:45 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Today, the Official Site announced that Shogun Total War is nominated for a BAFTA Award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), in the category of Interactive Entertainment, for best PC game. Check it out, there is a link to in our Community Section. Congratulations EA/CA/DT!
10/24/2000 1:45 PM EST
  • NEW POLL - We know it's a day late but the new poll question is up. If you have any comments or questions regarding the poll question selection please let us know on the forum. Thank you!
10/20/2000 11:45 AM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - We have changed our sidebar navigation to include some graphics. Tell us what you think in the forum.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Its an Honor Day at the Official Site. Once again they have added some update for online play, a League of Honor. Also, they have selected Erado San's Tech site as the "Site of the Week". Congratulations Erado San!
10/18/2000 2:00 PM EST
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - Just added Grinning Monk's High Temple site to our Community section.
10/17/2000 2:30 PM EST
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - Added Barocca's Site to our Community section.
  • NEW CONTENT - Added the Ninja Strategy Guide to the Strategies section today!
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Sorry for the lack of any News yesterday. Yesterday was an official Honor Day at The Official Site. Richard Skinner has asked each clan/site to submit a top ten wish list for things in the upcoming releases of Shogun Total War. We are asking our patrons to put together their top ten lists and we will compile them and send it in as our top ten list. There are 2 threads on our forum now, one to throw ideas around with each other, and one for those who have a final top ten list they wish to share.
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - We have added Loredweller's Site to our Community. It contains tactical maps of every province and he is improving it everyday. Have a look.
10/12/2000 4:00 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - After three days of work, The Province Overview Guide is now up for all to see. Its in the Strategies section.
10/11/2000 1:20 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - We have rearranged our strategies section in categories. This is going to make it much easier for you to find the strategy guides you want once we start adding more and more content. Let us know what you think on the forum.
  • NEW POLL - In keeping our promise of a new poll every week we've added a new one. Please vote.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Also I would just like to say how happy we are that our forum is taking off the way it is. Thanks to everyone who is participating.
10/09/2000 04:00 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT- Its an Honour Day at I waited until now to post thinking maybe the honour day would produce something important and it didn't. We are working, as always, to bring more strategies to you. There are a few due out this week, a Province Overview, Christianity FAQ, and maybe our own Interactive Technology Tree. Of course a new poll question will be up tomorrow as well. Thanks for visiting!
10/06/2000 01:00 PM EST
  • NEW RELEASE - Its an Honour Day at and today is the release of Patch v1.12. This version addresses mostly online gaming issues. Read about it and download it in the Patches section of the Shogun Store.
  • NEW CONTENT - Added an update to the Cavalry Archer strategy guide in the Strategies section.
10/05/2000 03:14 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - Added Shogun - The Complete Epic movie to the Shogun Store.
  • NEW CONTENT - To accompany the Combat Units Overview we have just finished the Special Units Overview in the Strategies section. Let us know what you think.
10/04/2000 03:44 PM EST
  • COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT - We have added Terazawa Tokugawa's site to our Community section. It is a good site for tips and tactics so have a look.
10/03/2000 03:55 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - Mori Clan guide Added finally!
  • NEW POLL - In trying to keep our promise of a new poll every week we've added a new question. Please vote and look for a new poll every week. Thanks!
09/28/2000 03:00 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - We sweated all day to to bring you a new version of the Combat Units Overview strategy guide. Take a look and let us know what you think.
09/28/2000 09:39 AM EST
  • NEW RELEASE - Its an Honor Day at the official site Today you can download a new version of Shogun Tiles. Its a very fun way to kill time at work :)
09/27/2000 12:00 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - Added Cavalry Archer Strategy guide. Its a collaboration of many peoples ideas so let us know what you think.
09/26/2000 3:00 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - Added new title logo. Tell us what you think at the forum.
  • NEW CONTENT - Added a Combat Unit Overview guide to Strategy section.
09/25/2000 10:00 AM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - We've added the Oda Clan guide. Have a look!
  • SITE UPDATE - Added a few items to the Shogun Store.
09/22/2000 03:00 PM EST
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Its officially open now, The Shogun Store. You can find links to purchase the game, guides, links to patches and other downloads. Its just starting so bare with us. Thanks for your patronage.
09/21/2000 01:31 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - Due to popular demand we've changed the Forum colors.
  • NEW CONTENT - Takeda strategy guide added. Check it out!
09/20/2000 12:38 PM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - NEW FORUM! We are now using an EZboard forum like the official site.
    If you created a global account on EZboard then you don't even need a new login.
    You can use the same id and password you use on the official forum at!
09/18/2000 12:41 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - Shinobi strategy guide added. Check it out!
09/13/2000 12:57 PM EST
  • NEW RELEASE - Honor Day - ShogunFaces is available for download at the official site.
    This is a good program for making Faces from the shogun game that can be used on the forum or your website. Enjoy!
09/13/2000 12:57 PM EST
  • NEW CONTENT - Added Yari Ashigaru Strategy guide in the strategies section.
09/07/2000 02:44 PM EST
  • NEW RELEASE - Finally Its Here
    EA has put up the new community site at
    It has the New Patch for downloading along with some other interesting information and links, check it out.
09/07/2000 11:03 AM EST
  • SITE UPDATE - Interactive Map improvements and poll up and running.