Hi my name is Dan Goldstein and I am the webmaster of I first found out about Shogun: Totalwar in an October or November issue of Pc Gamer, all the way back in 1998. About two months later i started the first shogun fan site, called *cough* "Shogun". I had discovered the official site, and had contacted Ben from Dreamtime Interactive who seemed happy I had made my own fan site, despite the fact that my html skills were very basic at the time...

I bought the domain name, and made the site a little more official. Here you can see one of the early looks for the org, this was not the first, and one of many.

Soon a community began to build, and we had Clan Gin start up, which didn't survive until the game release, and Clan Towashima, which did. Enter the Sword Dojo, born on a public Echelon board, looking great with a white background and orange text. Our community grew larger and larger, and eventually are Echelon board started to become unstable due to the large number of users.

One of our user who worked at spectral systems built us our second board, a cgi board which looked exactly like the first. But eventually this too started to overload, and so we went looking for our new board. We were also having some problems with mistaken identities, as there was no registration required.By this time we had several clans, and the game was getting more attention.

Enter the Ultraboard, a great script that unfortunately ate all our server space. This was a popular board and introduced a load of new features, such as the over-abused ranking system and smileys =). After the game release, the number of messages was quite astounding, and it ate up all my server space and somehow found a way to over ride the limit, meaning I couldn't update the site and problems started occuring more and more frequently. It was time to change to a new server.

Our new hosts were Project 77, and we now had a new site design and a new sword dojo. but unfortunately they gave us further problems with their continous server crashes. It was time to change again, this time in a definite manner. We are currently hosted by Strategy-Gaming.Com which is part of the famous Telefragged network. They have given us unlimited space and room to expand and host other shogun sites. Hopefully we can look forward to a better org for everyone.

At the dawn of 2001, a new administration office took over the site and is currently handling the day-to-day running of Org. Under the admins Terazawa (Mainpage) and Anssi Hakkinen (Sword Dojo) who are helping me, the Org's future looks bright and clear!


Number of pageviews in the month of April 1999, when the domain name was bought: 1,651.
Number of pageviews in the month of October 1999, 6 months later: 12,436.
Number of pageviews in the month of June 2000: 136,216.