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Mongol Invasion

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The Mongol Invasion is an expansion pack for Shogun: Totalwar. This means that you will have to own the game already to play it. If you don't own the original game, you can buy a special edition, called "Shogun Totalwar: Warlords" which includes "Shogun: Totalwar" and "The Mongol Invasion" in one package.

So what has changed. You can find detailed information by following the Articles and Interview links, but here is basically what we know.

  • The introduction movies now includes clips from teh movie "RAN"
  • A multiplayer strategy game option has been introduced
  • A new faction, the Mongol Hordes, involving "an entirely new dimension the game play", with a "much greater range of tactical variations."
  • There are 6 new victory conditions, and 3 of them are King of the hill which is capturing and holding a tactical point, Capture the enemy general's tent, and last man standing.
  • There are "over" 6 new unit types. You can find out more about them in the Units section.
  • A new unit statistic, discipline. The exact nature of this is unknown.
  • New buildings and upgrades for your provinces. These include a drill dojo to improve discipline and endurance, and a "strategy school" for your generals.
  • Better and more intuitive strategy map. It is now easier to see your building tree and watch your regions. It is possible to tell the difference between your generals and your heirs on the map. Ports and trader ships are also indicated.
  • There will be lakes and coastal regions in the maps.
  • There is a map editor
  • There is a scenario editor, which now allows you to choose start positions.
  • A new single player option, the Campaigns Of The Three Unifiers, where you get to act out the historical battles of three of the greatest Daimyos in Japanese history.
  • Another new single-player option. "Short" campaigns (referred to both in the interview and the press release) are a series of interconnected single battles, "they bring a real narrative/story element into the game and give you a way of diving straight into the action."
  • The option to bribe armies(Screenshot)
  • The dust clouds (Screenshot)
  • Better support for 3d cards
  • Other unspecified graphics, interface, camera and AI improvements
  • The release date is march

This information was compiled on the 29th of January 2001 by dan. Updated 31st January thanks to Anssi Hakkinen.

The Org - Medieval 2 Total War, Rome Total War, Shogun Total War, Medieval Total War

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