Where Can You Find the Strategy Your Looking For?
If your looking for help attaining the Shogunate of Japan then you have come to the right place. We are constantly adding our own plus user supplied strategies and hints so check back often.
General: This section contains guides on various parts of the game that don't quite fit into the below categories, like religion.
Clans: This section contains guides on leading your Clan to be the strongest in all of Japan.
Combat Units: From Yari Ashigaru to the deadly Heavy Cavalry, we've got information to help you start out your army or tips on how to use that unit you just can't seem to find a use for.
Dark Side: Ninja, Shinobi, the masters of the Dark Arts. Here you can learn the secrets of spying, assassination and diplomacy to help defeat your enemies before they even know you are coming.
Provinces: Knowledge of the actual field of battle is vital to the efforts of your army. It is also strategically important to your economic development so know the land you are fighting on and fighting for.
Economy: A Clan without money cannot support an army or its people. Learn to manage your Koku wisely.
Warfare: One must posses many skills to become the Shogun. But none is more important than your skill on the battlefield leading your army.