Clan Oda (Gold):
Clan Oda starts smack dab in the middle of Japan. To your west is Mori, and to the east are Imagawa, Uesugi, and Takeda and Hojo if their strategy early is to expand. Sprinkle in Ronin in the heart of your lands and to your north and you have a lot of enemies with many borders to defend.

Basically I think you have to take a "eat or be eaten" approach with Oda. Clans like Hojo, Shimazu, and Uesugi have the option to tech up initially because they don't have too many defensible borders… for Oda this isn't really an option.

Initially, and unknown to many players, Oda just edges Hojo for the richest starting lands. This large koku output is great for a quick and crippling attack to your enemies so you can expand your borders and gain a solid foothold in enemy lands early on.

Yari Ashigaru can be built cheaper with this clan and the longer the game drags on the less effective these units will be especially against naginata, no-dachi, and warrior monks. This is all the more reason to attack early and use the Ashi's to your advantage.

First Season
Let's face it, bridge territories are a bitch to take later than sooner because they're so easy to defend with a decent-sized force.

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Sixth Season

Seventh Season and Beyond

Written by
Travis Oakes