Battlefield Ninja
Operating in small groups, the Battlefield Ninja are one of the most powerful units in the game. Their ability to hide, even in relatively open terrain, and their astounding combat abilities make them ideal for eliminating enemy generals on the battlefield and taking out key enemy units.

Master Swordsman
The Master Swordsmen is an exceptional individual who's martial prowess makes him almost invicible in battle. He is capable of taking on whole units of enemy troops and is ideal for taking and holding key positions such as castle gates and bridges.

Korean Skirmishers
These Korean Skirmishers conscripts equipped with shields, light armour and throwing spears. Their shields and armour make them less vulnerable to enemy missiles, so they are often used as a screen ahead of the main formation to draw fire and take the sting out of enemy charges. They are weak in hand to hand fighting, and need to withdraw quickly after throwing their limited supply of spears.

Korean Spearmen
Korean Spearmen are troops pressed in to service by their Mongol masters. They have little appetite for battle, and are unreliable, but can be useful in fixing or holding enemy formations while the more powerful cavalry do their work.

Thunder Bombers
Thunder Bombers are one of the most feared units on the battlefield. They use primitive gunpowder weapons - iron flasks filled with gunpowder - that they throw into the enemy ranks. The resulting explosion causes panic and confusion, as well as death and injury. The weapons are inaccurate and unreliable, so they operate in very small units to reduce the consequences of accidents.

Korean Guardsmen
The Korean Guardsmen are the most reliable of the Korean auxilliaries. Their weapons and armour are similar to Japanese Naginata, but they are not as powerful in combat, and lack the Japanese appetite for combat. They are however a little faster than their Japanese counterparts.

Ashigaru Crossbowmen
The Ashigaru Crossbowmen are little more than peasants equipped with simple crossbows. They are cheap to train, but the slow reload time of their crossbows and poor fighting skill makes them vulnerable to sudden charges. They need to be protected, but can't fire over the heads of troops in front of them.

Naginata Cavalry
Naginata Cavalry are heavily armed and well armoured cavalry, designed for assaulting strongly defensive troops. They are slower and less well armoured than heavy cavalry, but are more offensive in mellee, their heavy weapons being able overcome even highly skilled and heavily armoured opponents.

Mongol Light Cavalry
The Mongol Light Cavalryman is the mainstay of Mongol armies from Peking to Poland. They are very fast, equipped with axes and powerful bows, and are dangerous opponents both at a distance and in hand to hand combat. Their ferocity and determination are legendary.

Mongol Heavy Cavalry
Mongol Heavy Cavelry are the elite troops of the most powerful army in the world. They are fast, well armoured and their spears wreak havok in the ranks of whatever foes they fight. They are the primary assault troops in a Mongol army, and all the other troops are only really there to support their attack.