Why This Shogun Site?????
Our goal is to make a site for Shogun: Total War that allows us to publish our
strategies and thoughts on the game for others in the STW community.
News: This section provides information on site updates as well as Shogun Total War updates like new patches and other official news.
Strategies: This section provides strategies on all aspects of the game. Guides to playing each Clan, Overview of Provinces, Economics, Warfare, Armies, Spies we've got it all.
Mongol Invasion: Section dedicated to the new Expansion pack The Mongol Invasion. COntains Units, Screenshots and Reviews of the new add-on.
Forum: Hopefully the most used page on the site. This is where we want people to come and share their ideas on Shogun strategy with one another and discuss various aspects of the game.
Community: This page provides links to other Shogun Total War related sites, official and fan based.
Shogun Store: Now you can buy or download Shogun: Total War related stuff on the internet right from our site. From games, expansion packs and patches to books and guides.
Map of Japan: This is a full color map of Japan during the Shogun Total War period. It provides information on Koku output, mineral deposits, troop bonuses, etc...
Contact: Pretty self explanitory. Contact information about us if anyone ever wants or needs to get in touch with us about the site or about STW. Please feel free to submit your own strategy guides to us. This section also contains technical support links for Shogun.